If there’s anything that pulls at my heart strings more it’s the Latest Budweiser commercial that everyone has been shedding tears over during the Super Bowl XLVII last night. Just catching the quick clip over again had me almost sobbing. Thank God I’m not around anyone or someone would think something was terribly wrong, seriously though. How on earth can a horse remembering the man that raised him create such heartfelt emotion? How does it mean anything??? Then I realize it matters a hell of a lot…

We live in a society where we see families splitting apart, kids disrespecting their parents, parents acting like their kid’s best friends instead of guidance for them, young generations showing desensitization and disconcert for each other, loving couples divorcing left and right, women competing and viciously fighting each other, believing they do not need men in their lives, and reality tv showing exactly what’s wrong with how we’re living our lives. We see so much adversity and deplorable measures in our every-day lives that we forgot what LOVE really means and how to appreciate each other. I can’t remember the last time someone really showed me how much they “love” me or told me what I mean to them in their life. I have faced this battle for so long that it feels like I’m going through it alone… Am I the only one left that feels the need to bring love and kindness back into life again?

Is it too much to remember what matters most in life? When was the last time you told your parents, your siblings, your close friends, or just someone walking down the street that they are special and loved??? We’re so quick to call someone crazy for not feeling ashamed of showing their vulnerable side to others and going out of the way to do something right. What’s so wrong with just saying, I love you or you mean so much to me, let me tell you- let me remind you. This commercial makes us cry because we are longing for that attachment and feeling loved. We want to know that we do good things not just because we receive blessings for it, but to know it’s not in vain. That those we love and care about realize our good hearts, acknowledge it, and return it back. The pure form of love is missing in our lives and we need to regain it to feel whole as a society. If a Clydesdale horse can remember acts of kindness and love from the man that raised and trained it, then why can’t we do the same?



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