Former boxing champion Sugar Ray Leonard, says in a new autobiographybook ” The Big Fight: My Life In and Out of the Ring”  he was sexually abused as a young fighter by an unnamed Olympic boxing coach.  In the book he says he was taught not to question a strong male authority figure, but at age 15, his suspected something was inappropriate when his coach had him take a bath in a tub of hot water and Epsom salts while he sat on the other side of the bathroom.

He says that several years later, he remembers sitting in a car with the same coach, said to be in his late 40s, when…..

“Before I knew it, he had unzipped my pants and put his hand, then mouth, on an area that has haunted me for life. I didn’t scream. I didn’t look at him. I just opened the door and ran.”

Sugar Ray admitted it was hard to tell this story ….

“But last year, after watching the actor Todd Bridges bare his soul on Oprah’s show about how he was sexually abused as a kid, I realized I would never be free unless I revealed the whole truth, no matter how much it hurt.”

Sugar Ray added he won’t be discussing this incident until his book tour next month.  Of course.  But for now, his admission has raised concerns that this may be happening more often than reported in the field of sports.

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