Who else misses the $5 footlong deal at Subway? I know I do and Subway corporate is trying to bring it back, but franchise owners aren’t feeling it.

According to reports, the company is going through an internal battle over whether or not to bring back the promotion. While corporate management believes it will boost traffic across the restaurant’s 44,000 locations, store owners are worried they won’t make any money.

Fox News reports that over 400 franchise owners have signed a petition protesting the return of the special. “The national promotional focus over the past five years … has decimated [us] and left many franchisees unprofitable and even insolvent,” a Virginia franchiser owner wrote, according to the New York Post.

However, Subway’s management is insisting that local store owners aren’t seeing the bigger picture, as the company needs to boost sales to compete with rivals like McDonald’s and overcome it’s 2015 Jared Fogle scandal.

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