The cruise ship which was adrift in the Pacific after being hit by an engine fire was on the move today as Mexican tugboats began towing it towards California.

Nearly 4,500 passengers, including 16 Britons, and crew on board the Carnival Splendor, low on food and without air conditioning or hot water, are having to eat canned crab meat and Spam dropped in by helicopters.


And the air drops, and limited menu, will continue for another two days until their expected arrival in San Diego on Friday.

What began as a seven-day cruise to the picturesque Mexican Riviera turned into a nightmare on Monday when an engine room fire cut power to the 952ft vessel and set it adrift 55 miles off the Pacific coast.

Brent Nutt said that his wife, Bethany, who is on board, called him to say the plumbing wasn’t working on the ship.

“She said there’s no running water. They just really got food there to them tonight, and there’s no power whatsoever, other than the emergency flasher lights that are on,” he said. “She was crying and hysterical.”

Carnival told ABC News that many of the toilets are being brought back online, and that there is plenty of food since a sister ship arrived. The company said that the passengers are not in danger.

There is no air conditioning in the ship’s cabins, and Carnival confirmed that some passengers spent the night on deck in tents.

Sunday’s fire was extinguished by an automated system, but not before it hobbled the ship, according to the Coast Guard.

“All the passengers are staying in the public areas of the vessel on the open decks, because there is no air conditioning,” a U.S. Coast Guard representative said.


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