I’m not sure if you remember back on July 4, 2009, NFL star Steve McNair was fatally shot by his mistress, Sahel Kazemi, in a murder–suicide?


Well check out this drama, according to his wife Michelle, cut his mother out of her grandchildren’s life, and she wants to charge his mama rent ($3,000) to live in the home that her millionaire son built.

Michele is also claiming she can’t find Steve’s Will.

What would make Michelle treat Steve’s mom like this??

Check out the video below e the rest of the drama:

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  1. My thing, if he built that house for his mother, let that mother have that house. That’s the only thing besides her memory that she has of her son. The wife to me is blaming the mother, because of the exposure the husband brought on the family. The question is, did the wife know that he was out there in the street, which that answer is probably yes, but because of the life style that she had come accustom too, she looked the other way, which many in her position does all the time. He purchase that house for his moms, let her have it and she shouldn’t try to block the relationship between those kids and her husband’s moms, it’s just plain ole wrong. When will people stop using the children as bargining unit in relationships. That wife will not have any good blessings upon her life for taking something that didn’t belong to her in the gitgo. Amen

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