Steve Harvey’s ex wife, Mary, is in hot water after a judge found her in contempt. This comes after she leaked sealed court information, regarding the comedian abusing their son.


After investigating the allegations, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services reported that the child was not in harm’s way and the case would be closed.

According to the police report … cops took photos of the boy’s injuries, showing bruises on his buttocks and right thigh, as well as cuts on his leg. The police report says the boy told cops, the beating was so brutal he had trouble urinating for days.

Funny thing is his current wife is now being investigated for her shady past. Marjorie was once married to a drug king pin named James Townsend who is now serving a life sentence in jail. Three strikes rule and allegedly had her trafficking. They owned a club in Memphis called Hawaiian Island, but once the cops busted them, they froze their assets including the club.

Wasn’t too long until she got with an NBA player Todd Day who was able to buy back the clubfor her and once obtained, she sold it. Then she got with another Dope Boy Ronnie Woods who got 10 years fed time, but married his cousin Donnell Woods, but of course he got arrested also, which left her no choice but to go and be with a legit man like Steve Harvey…. Shady, Shady, Shade!

Do you think Mary is a bitter ex wife and is making up these allegations? Or do you believe Steve may have taken things too far?


  1. They found wounds on this kid so where did they come from? It is a horrible situation for the child. I hope he can get the help he needs and will need for a long time. His mother may be bitter and perhaps a slimeball, but that does not dismiss what the pictures show.

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