R&B legend Stacey Lattisaw spoke out yesterday on Erykah Badu’s controversial PR stunt, street strip tease video for which she was charged with indecent exposure.  Somebody on Erykah’s level needed to talk some sense to her since she is surrounded by nothing but yes men (and women) who allow her to continuously make a fool out of herself.


For you young heads who aren’t familiar with Stacey, click here (she was only 13).

Via: Stacy’s Facebook Page:

Anywhoo…Stacy posted this on her Facebook…who else could she be speaking of except Badu who’s been charged with exposing herself? Below is her post and her post in her comments.

Stacy Lattisaw: Just watching the news…..whats going on with some of our female recording artist? Not mentioning her name but you don’t have to take your top off…..DON’T SELL YOUR SOULS. Do they even think about the kids watching them? Your talent should speak for itself. They said the police are getting involved. Its very disturbing! We gotta take a stand for whats right! Come on lets do better………..

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Stacy Lattisaw: i’m not mentioning her name, ya ‘ll probabl know who i’m talking about if you ve seen the news. but what s on her mind? What kind of example is she setting for her kids? oh… it just breaks my heart

Stacy Lattisaw @ Michael, i believe it was a video but still….come on!

Stacy Lattisaw: yes, it is impacting some children. My kids are not allowed to watch or listen to much of the R&B mucsic today. There are spirits behind the music that get into these kids and then you wonder why they act the way they do, its because of what they re listening to and what they re watching!

Stacy Lattisaw@ Carrolyn, with all due respect, no one is assasinating her, that is not cool and ANYONE WHO THINKS WHAT SHE DID IS COOL….LORD HAVE MERCY…ALL I CAN SAY!

Stacy Lattisaw @ Jeff…..you re right …so right! We all pray for her. We love her. We are NOT assasinating her.

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  1. Stacy Lattisaw is not on Erykah’s level professionally. Never has been and never will be. Also, I don’t know how you can call a person with one or two hits an R&B legend.

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