Actress Stacey Dash just can’t seem to hold down a job these days. The actress was fired from another job, this time on the set of a major motion picture. Rumor has it that Dash was given the pink slip for having a bad attitude.

Sources are saying, Dash was cast in the upcoming drama Supremacy, a fact-based story of a paroled white supremacist who kills a cop and takes a black hostage, starring fellow actors Danny Glover, Evan Ross and Derek Luke.

However, Dash was reportedly rude to the cast and crew and producers eventually fired her for her bad behavior. Producers have reportedly replaced Dash with fellow veteran actress Lela Rochon.

Dash was previously fired from the VH1 drama Single Ladies, over of issues with cast member Lisa Raye.

The story has yet to be confirmed, but if it is true, Miss lil Stacey Dash needs to consider leaving the bad girl role for her characters and not her real life.

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