Kim Kardashian is moving forward from her 72 day divorce, and preparing for her fist major movie role. Kim was spotted in Atlanta today walking on the set of Tyler Perry’s “The Marriage Counselor, with script in hand. Kim’s role will be a supporting one in which her character, Ava, is a friend of the leading character.

Fans took to Tyler Perry’s website and leaving comments voicing their displeasure, including this one:

“just get rid of kim kardashian, tyler. what she represents is a harsh contrast to what you represent. having her in your film could be career suicide. i cannot support a film starring her, and i am shocked that after years of good decision making, this is who you wind up casting. it just doesn’t make any sense.”

According to an Us source, the reality star is “a mess” who “feels like she let everyone down.”

“She thinks the world turned against her,” a second source said. “She feels everyone hates her.”

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