Spotted Chris Brown and his girlfriend Karrueche were spotted arriving back in LA. The two have been seen together, and she’s has stood by his side every step of the way.   F.A.M.E. is currently the No. 1 album in the country.

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  1. I really am proud of Chris Brown and his ability to work on himself. I do understand that there are still things that he can improve and I trust that he will continue the work that is needed. One thing I do know is we all are work in progress therefore we should always pray for another recovery and not failure! Just like Monique said we all are just one second away from a bad decision! WE must learn to allow people a given chance of change. Chris is 19 and if more men and women would stand up and work on their bad habits and decision makings we could see a lot of relationships changes. So let's give this young brother a chance at least!!!

    For one I have always believed and still DO that Chris Brown can be bigger or big as Michael Jackson he is just that talented. If he stay grounded around all the right people and places he will find the greatness that GOD has for him.

    Chris allow yourself to keep believing in GOD and not man and always remember that GOD works through peple not from people!!!

    Now with all that said I will still say this I understand the girlfriend and all but I am not feeling this is the ONE CHRIS – excuse me and I know everyone will be angry but I still feel that Rihanna is still deep in that heart somewhere.

  2. Its about time Chris found someone, everyone makes mistakes:) now its time for him to move foward. And his new girl is such a good looking young lady and they look so good together! Chris this one is the one no drama here hope she makes you happy:)

  3. Fuck out of here if he wanna be with her, well I'm happy for them both who the fuck cares. Stop hateing on her if she make him happy then that's all that matters. Its about time he has someone by his side.

  4. Chris Brown is her meal ticket…of course she would stand by his side every step of the way. I guess when your pretty men even Chris Brown will be fooled by it. She seems highly opportunistic and needs to do something with herself, for herself and by herself and stop trying to latch on to famous people in an attempt to gain fame and a career. What is sad is that Chris brown has fallen for this and with all he has done I still credited him with more sense than that.

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