A few Washington Redskin players almost get catfished, when they almost fell victim to a half naked girl on Twitter and Instagram named @RED_RIDN_H00D aka “Sidney Ackerman”


According to reports from NFL.com, Phillip Daniels, the Redskins’ director of player development, he has instructed several players not to talk to “Sidney Ackerman.”


Via NFL.com

NFL.com has learned that NFL security conducted an investigation into a situation involving a woman, known by the pseudonym Sidney Ackerman, who used pictures of an Internet adult entertainer, C.J. Miles, to establish dialogues with pro athletes.

According to multiple sources, the conversations occurred mostly through Twitter’s direct messaging function. But in some instances, “Ackerman” also sent separate photos of Miles to players’ cell phones, never suggesting the photos were not her own, as conversations endured on and off for months.

“If you think about it, a lot of them are single guys, and they see somebody who looks good in a picture or something,” Daniels said. “In many cases, it involves someone who is a fan of the team, so they’ll start talking about the team. You have to recognize that something just isn’t right.

“But you’re talking about a lot of guys who are single. I don’t fault the guys. I fault the people who are doing this crazy stuff, causing these problems.”

On multiple occasions, several Redskins players attempted to arrange meetings with “Ackerman,” but none of them succeeded, Daniels said. The numerous failed attempts led to suspicion, and Daniels then received some independent information about the possibility that “Ackerman” indeed was a fake.

Unlike Te’o, none of the Redskins players involved became emotionally attached to “Ackerman,” instead pursuing her out of nothing more than physical appeal, sources close to the situation said. “Ackerman” also sent at least one player a pornographic video of Miles, which she also claimed to be of herself. On certain occasions, “Ackerman” also doctored photos of Miles in an attempt to personalize them and provide the athletes with a sense that she indeed was the person she claimed to be.

Damn, this would of been a great episode on Catfish…..don’t you think?

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