Daymmm, it seems like everyone is getting a divorce these days, this time it’s Fat Joe and wife, Lorena (Rios) Cartagena.   A source tells  TheYBF that Lorena is splitting, and cheating is the cause of the breakup.

Lorena was down with Terror Squad head honcho Fat Joe, real name Joseph Antonio Cartagena, before his recent mega weight loss, but apparently he got a little too confident and stepped out on his wife one too many times.

We’re told Joe has allegedly been having a year long affair with a 26 year old woman from Dubai, who goes by the uber original name “Ms. Dubai.”  She resides in Miami–where Joe, Lorena, and their 5-year-old daughter live as well.  And Joe has supposedly flown her to several places with him and even brought her out in public to parties and such.

But it sounds like the soon-to-be-ex-Mrs. Cartagena is handling the stressful situation well.  A friend tells us:

Happy to say, Lorena is fine and well at this point and as stressful as the situation has been for her, she has a lot of peace with just raising her daughter.

So how did Lorena find out about Ms. Dubai?  Through text messages, of course.  We’re told the alleged pics of Joe and his mistress were sent to Lorena’s phone from a very close friend close to the Terror Squad crew.


Is that Fat Joe, became Skinny he wants to cheat??

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