C’mon now SON! Shantel Jackson said this before… So, we will see! Shantel claims her and Floyd Mayweather’s nuptials will never happen because she’s done with the boxer for good. Her rep told TMZ that the couple is no longer together.




Shantel’s rep stated:

“Miss Jackson has moved on with her life from Floyd and is saddened that she has had to deal with many problematic and dramatic situations from the media since their break up,”

Her rep also said Jackson’s Instagram account was mysteriously shut down in the wake of the split. Jackson believes it was someone she knows personally. And could it be Mayweather who she suspects? So… There will be no wedding bells for Floyd Mayweather and Shantel Jackson anytime soon. But, the verdict is still out. You know MONEY talks… Or should I say Floyd’s MONEY talks! They don’t call him Money Mayweather for naythin! Hmmph… lol

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