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T.I.’s wife Tiny Harris and her daughter Zonnique Pullins are speaking out after Zonnique was arrested for trying to board a plane with a gun. Find out what really happened inside…

It’s been a week since T.I.’s stepdaughter Zonnique Pullins was arrested after she tried to board a plane at Hartsfields-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta. And now, Zonnique and her mother want to clear the air.

In a new interview with TooFab, the 20-year-old singer explained how a gun (that she has a permit for) ended up in her purse as she tried to board a plane to jet out of the “A.” She broke down the chain of events saying:

“I was running really late to the airpot, so I was throwing a lot of stuff into my purse so I could get there and the gun is really small and it was in the bottom of my purse. I just forgot it was in there. I couldn’t see it, so when I went through security check, they pretty much found it.”

“I told [the TSA] they could throw it away,” she added with a laugh, “but that wasn’t what they wanted to do.”

Once the gun was discovered, Zonnique was transported to Clayton County Jail for trying to carry a gun through airport security and released hours later. Zonnique’s mugshot made its rounds on social media and she thought she would receive a lot of backlash from social media about the arrest, but she said people were more concerned about her pretty mugshot.

“I thought that I was gonna have a lot of bad reaction to the whole story, but people were pretty much just drawn to the mugshot,” Zonnique said. “At least there’s a plus side to some negative things!”

Her mom Tiny Harris wasn’t upset about the ordeal because she is the one who purchased the weapon for her daughter. She said Zonnique has been trained on how to properly use the weapon and explained why she bought the gun in the first place. She said:

“I bought the gun for her because I just felt like she’s staying on her own now, she’s older and we’re not around her as much. I don’t really know all of her whereabouts all the time. I felt like she needed something, especially for the house. Somebody break in or whatever, she has some kind of protection.”

She added, “A gun is no good if you don’t know what to do with it. These streets are crazy. This is my baby, my first love and I just want to make sure she’s safe.”

Well there’s that.


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