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Azealia Banks’ latest Twitter beef/rant/feud brings up an interesting discussion about “slur” words, who uses them and who has true power. Join the discussion inside…

The words “bitch” and “faggot” were in heavy rotation during a Twitter discussion (actually…it was a fight) between rapper Azealia Banks and VICE blogger Mitchell Sunderland, a gay white male. We mention that he’s GAY and WHITE because it’s necessary to explain all the foolery that went on. See their fight here.

Azealia, who identifies as bi-sexual and a supporter of LGBT rights, has often come under fire for her frequent use of the slur “fa**ot” when referring to Twitter enemies (Perez Hilton) or others who come for her on her Twitter timeline. In her defense, she has an entire arsenal of slur words (remember when she called T.I. a shoe-shining coon?), but her use of “f*g” has hit a nerve with a segment of society (e.g. gay white males). Now, she is forced to explain herself at least 3-4 times a month on Twitter.

Following the latest fight, she posted an interesting rant on Instagram yesterday:

Food for thought.

On Twitter….she was more directed in her opinion and charges:

This leads us to wonder, what’s it all for? Aren’t we all trying to get a piece of the same pie? Don’t get us wrong, everyone likes to engage is a little verbal warfare (because its tacky to physically fight after high school), but still…

Must we use negatively charged words to victimize others? Aren’t we all in the same game?

Speak on it!

Photos via Azealia Banks’ Instagram

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