Now we all know that Mariah Carey is a vocal BEAST and the chyc has been belting the notes since she came out the womb! But, something happened that left paying concert go’ers a little perturbed. Fans took to social media to upload a videos of the veteran singer, 44, performing her debut single from 1990, “Vision of Love,” during which her voice cracked and she seemed to struggle with hearing herself. I think Mariah may have just had an off moment. She is still GREAT in my book…

mariah bad notes

Peep the video:

According to Daily Mail, one Twitter user wrote:

“Mariah Carey should’ve bowed out right when her voice was giving out. Save herself the embarrassment.
Y’all. Mariah Carey really can’t sing anymore. That was hard to listen to. I see why Mariah Carey never sings live anymore. That’s why.”

Mariah is set to tour Asia this month and move on to Australia and New Zealand next.

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