A dog is being credited with saving the life of a woman who went into diabetic shock last month.

Bailey, a 4-year-old Shih Tzu and Yorkie mix in Schererville, Indiana, began barking at Norene Debold who was asleep on the couch about 5 a.m. on Dec. 29. Jennie Bailey, who has been diabetic for 31 years and also in renal failure, was in extreme danger nearby.

“Bailey just kept barking and barking and barking, and when I went in there Jennie was in the fetal position and ice cold,” Norene said. “She’s not a big barker, so when she was barking—something was wrong.”

Norene went to wake up her husband, Thomas, and call 911.

Raw: Piglets Rescued From Russian Farm Fire

[NATL] Raw: Piglets Rescued From Russian Farm Fire

The Russian Emergency Ministry released video on Sunday showing Russian firefighters saving pigs from a farm that had caught on fire, located in the Siberian region of Tomsk. According to the ministry, when the fire started on Jan. 20, up to 200 pigs were in the farm. Most of them were saved by firefighters. No people were injured. The cause of fire is to be investigated. (Published 2 hours ago)

“The barking didn’t wake me or anything like that,” Thomas said. “But the minute the bedroom door opens, I pop up, and she says ‘come quick, Jennie’s unresponsive.’”

Paramedics arrived to take care of Jennie, whose sugar levels were dangerously low.

“Her sugar was so low they gave her three things of glucose,” Norene said.

Norene said Jennie’s temperature was 85 degrees by the time she got to the hospital.

Insane Footage Shows Train Slam Into FedEx Truck on Tracks

[NATL-DFW] Train Slams Into FedEx Truck on Tracks

A passenger train slammed into a FedEx semi Saturday after the railroad crossing arms were not lowered or flashing to warn drivers. Two drivers in the vehicle narrowly escaped injury, and the approximately 80 passengers on the train were unharmed. (Published 49 minutes ago)

“I don’t remember much but what they told me,” Jennie said.

She was not surprised at Bailey’s protective response.

“Oh, she’s special to me,” Jennifer said. “She saved my life quite a few times.”

The Debolds say Bailey is not trained in any special way and have no idea how she knew what to do.

Trump Signs Orders on Keystone, Dakota Access Pipelines

[NATL] Trump Signs Executive Orders Advancing Keystone, Dakota Access Pipelines

President Donald Trump signed a series of executive orders advancing the construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil pipelines Tuesday morning, despite the U.S. Army Corps of Engineerings turning down DAPL project permits last December. Among the orders signed were a notice requiring pipeline materials to be made in the United States, as well as a measure accelerating the pipeline permit application process. (Published Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017)

“She’s just unbelievable,” Thomas said. “You know dogs can sense things that you don’t, until you see it and go through it, you don’t know how real it really is.”

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