Uber CEO Travis Kalanick seems to always make it out of the frying pan just to head straight for the flames when it comes to his company.

After a month full  of Trump drama and sexual harassment claims, Kalanick’s own drivers are now starting to turn against him!

In a dash cam video obtained by Bloomberg, driver Fawzi Kamel and Kalanick got into a heated argument after Fawzi blamed him for his financial woes. Apparently, Fawzi, who had picked up Travis along with two other women from in San Fransisco, isn’t a fan of the company’s dropping prices and lower wages.

“I lost money — $7,000 — because of you,” Kamel — whose dashboard camera caught the encounter — told Kalanick after he brought him to his destination on Feb. 5. “I’m bankrupt because of you.”

$7,000?? Shiiii, I’d be upset too! Anyways, Kalanick responded by calling Fawzi’s claims “bulls*t” as he basically says Fawzi’s money problems are a personal issue and not his fault.


“You know what. Some people don’t like to take responsibility for their own s—,” Kalanick fumed, before slamming the door. “They blame everything in their life on someone else.”

Welp, that escalated quickly! Check out the rest of the video below and let’s chat, who do you think was wrong in this situation?


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