While posing it up for fashion magazine ‘Refinery 29′, Solange Knowles took the time out to discuss the recording process of her new album, artists following trends to stay ahead, taking a different (more afrocentric) style approach compared to her sister Beyonce and being influenced musically and style-wise to others. Interestingly enough, here’s a quote I couldn’t agree more with about urban artists jumping on the Electro craze, although I will ever NEVER be bored of R&B music. Check out what she had to say:

“I think so many [urban] artists are now jumping on this weird electro bandwagon thinking it will broaden their audience instead of doing what made them them in the first place. As for R&B, I’m so bored with it. After being an R&B junkie for years, I actually turned to a lot of indie music because I was just so uninterested. I grew up loving Missy Elliott, Destiny’s Child, SWV, Aaliyah, Carl Thomas, Melody… nowadays that substance and style are kind of dead with the exception of a few”.

As a talented songwriter, I’ve grown to respect Solange more and more.
The interview was a fantastic read from beginning to end and her free spirited nature and open mindedness to music and fashion itself is an inspiration. I like that she’s not as programmed as Beyonce and chooses to speak her mind regardless.

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