So Chris Brown and Rihanna kissed at last night’s 2012 MTV VMAs. Rihanna and Breezy’s friendly encounter happened when she returned to her seat after accepting her award. The Cockiness singer stopped in front of her ex-boyfriend and gave him a quick kiss and hug, It is the first time we have publicly seen RiRi and Breezy. One thing I did notice, the moment was caught by ‘all-access’ filming, but didn’t feature in the main broadcast of the show, so I’m thinking the pair thought they had escaped the cameras.

How do you guys feel about this photo?






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  1. I feel let them do as they please..its their life,if she loves him and he loves her nobody can stop that but God..everybody makes mistakes..the media is trying to keep throwing it up but if she takes him back its on her!

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