Snoop Dogg is ‘facing a lawsuit‘ after posting a picture mocking the appearance of a gay man on Instagram.


Snoop posted a picture of carer Cortez Booze on the social media site on Saturday along with the words: ‘Whose auntcle is this?’
Since the post was made, Mr Booze has faced a torrent of abuse online, with people calling him a ‘shemale’, ‘confused’, and ‘ugly’.

Cortez reported the photo to Instagram as inappropriate, and it was pulled down.He then told TMZ
he has hired a lawyer and plans to duke it out with the Dogg in court.

This is similar to the lawsuit filed against Shaquille O’Neal, who posted a photo of a man with a genetic disorder this past summer. That case is still pending.

I’m sure you remember he had an issue with Iggy Azealea when he put up a picture of an albino and tagged it “Iggy without makeup”: