Check out the sneak peek of VH1 Love & Hip Hop Atlanta episode 5, where Mimi finally gets some damn balls, when it comes to baby daddy Stevie J, but we all know how that can go.
It’s so damn scripted, because now Erica and Joseline meet up. Now how did that happen, how did they get each others numbers to even set up this meet up?
Question to anyone who can answer this, why isn’t Ariane an official part of the damn cast?

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  1. This is my favorite show on vh1, as well as the first love&hiphop with Chrissy and Jim jones. My favorite girls on this one are Mimi, K.Michelle, and last but not least Erica! These woman actually act like WOMEN who have class and a lot of RESPECT for themselves. And all this is my opinion, and as mimi said on the reunion we're entitled to it! Stevie J is a damn fool for choosing Jocelyn over Mimi. And I must agree with mimi, there will be another jocelyn and another one and another one. You already see another girl in his studio and by the way, she is very ugly mona! Anyways besides that yes Stevie J is a very crazy man! And Ariane is right. He has issues! Just as Erica told Scrappy, does stevie j want his daughter to grow up and be with a man like himself??? And I'm going to need Jocelyn to get the hell out of mimi and stevie's way so they can live there lives together, as they should. I don't like the fact that Jocelyn would say "she's going to stop messing with stevie" and then speaks to Karlie and "says if i want to keep fucking him then i will". She just needs to go about her business find herself a new manager to work with and worry about her so called music career. And in order for her to do that stevie's ass needs to let her go. And stay working on music, not the next bitch that is gonna walk in and he decides he's gonna make her famous and have a fling as well. Erica is a very strong woman and for scrappy to even think about being with another woman he needs actually TRY to work things out. If he wants Erica to show him some effection and show that she really cares then he needs to really show Erica that he cares about her as much as he says he does. Actions speak louder than words! And if he thinks being out with other woman other than the one he says he really wants to be with is helping, it's not! You men need to open up your eyes and look at these beautiful,wise,independent woman they have standing right in front of them. Now K.Michelle, sweetie no1 was there when you went through hell so therefore f*&! what other people have to say, especially rasheeda. She is 100% fake right along with michael jacksons look alike! You keep helping out the young girls you say help and keep on moving forward with your career, any music producer out there is crazy to turn you down. You have an amazing voice girl keep doing you!

  2. this shit is soooo scripted!! at least get people who can act!! cuz carly and that cell phone bit with benzino was a PERFECT example of BAD ACTING. its parts like these that make me wanna pull my hair out and stop watching.

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