Tamar and her husband Vincent Herbert, from the show “Tamar & Vince,” went on the “The Wendy Williams Show” to bump gums on the rumors that they are getting a divorce.

tamar and vince argument

Tamar said she didn’t know where that rumor came from cuz she definitely didn’t “plant it.” She says she doesn’t lie. Based on the recent episodes the rumor could have been true… They have been at each other’s throat and Vince has been very critical of Tamar to the point that I even felt sorry for her a lil bit

Here’s a clip of that heated argument….

The couple revealed that they are selling their new mansion because Vincent found a new one. Why? Because their 15,000 sqft mansion “wasn’t big enough” for the TWO of them. Yeah, they said it. Vince told Wendy that he wanted Tamar to have a beauty salon…and he wanted a gym. When audience members laughed at him about making the gym comment, Tamar snapped

“Don’t do that. My man looks good.”

Tamar told Wendy she does not regret sharing her and Vincent’s marital issues with the world on reality tv and added that divorce is not an option. The couple also said they never sleep in separate rooms.

Then the couple made the “big announcement”…..Vince and Wendy will be creating a “Wendy’s Next Great Voice” segment in the show where viewers will compete for a demo deal with Vince!

Peep the video….

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