Irma Salas of suburban Mokena was already happy with her Samsung smart phone and not in the market for a new device.

But a closer look at her T-Mobile bill showed she was paying for a new phone — a phone Salas said she never ordered or received. By the time she noticed the small charge for the LG device on her T-Mobile statement, she had nearly paid off the phantom phone.

“They were billing me monthly,” Salas said. “It was about four dollars and some cents.”

The charges added up over time to about $100. Salas said she spent months trying to get the company to acknowledge the error. 

“They just insisted that I had purchased the phone and I was liable and there’s nothing that they can do,” Salas said.

NBC 5 Responds reached out to T-Mobile. Salas said the company investigated and told her the phone was never used on her account. 

They quickly issued her a credit for $100. 

“I’m really happy,” Salas said. “I wasn’t expecting the credit. It took your time and knowledge to make this happen.”

A T-Mobile spokesperson said the company was glad it could resolve the situation.

Published at 4:11 PM CDT on Oct 11, 2017 | Updated at 8:26 PM CDT on Oct 11, 2017


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