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J.R. Smith is branding his shirtless behavior after winning this year’s NBA Championship. Get the deets on his newest venture.

Plus, Shaq and Shaunie’s kids are coming to reality TV. More about their new show inside…

Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard J.R. Smith’s shirtless behavior just copped him a new business deal. There has been plenty of buzz surrounding J.R. not wearing a shirt. Even President Barack Obama made a funny comment (“Tell J.R. to put a shirt on man”) to Coach Lue about the Cavs baller baring his chest.

The NBA baller joined forces with t-shirt company Fresh Brewed Tees (along with his tattoo artist Jayme “Bone” Faulkner) to serve up t-shirts that show off all of J.R.’s tattoos. The front and the back on the shirt are exact replicas of all of J.R.’s body art on a replica of his own toned chest.

The kicker? The t-shirt started as a joke, but it quickly went viral. The company’s owner Tony Madalone quickly jumped on the opportunity to get some coins. He tweeted, “We did a mock-up of what the shirt would look like as a joke and it went viral.”

Fresh Brewed Tees founder Tony Madalone has sold 1,000 JR Smith tattoo shirts in 24 hours

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) June 28, 2016

Tony said he called up J.R.’s people to get permission to make them and the rest is history. The shirts are made out of polyester and will go on sale Monday afternoon for $34.99 a pop. We hope J.R. is getting a proper cut!

You copping one?

Coming to reality TV…

Shaunie O’Neal, executive producer of “Basketball Wives,” has been plotting to put her kids on reality television for a few years now. But, her ex-husband Shaquille O’Neal wasn’t having it.

You may recall in 2013, Shaq blocked Shaunie from putting their kids on a VH1 show titled “The Shaunie Project.” He went before a judge saying no good would come from the show. Now that some years have gone by, it appears the NBA Hall of Famer has had a change of heart.

New reports reveal Shaq has given the OK for a new VH1 show. According to TMZ, the show will feature Shaq’s 4 kids (with ex-wife Shaunie along with her child from a previous relationship) as they try to create their own lanes in various careers.

One kid wants to get into the music biz, another is looking to get their feet wet in comedy and son Shereef O’Neal, 17, is following in his dad’s footsteps as he tries to get recruited for college basketball. We’re sure he won’t have any problems with that. On top of his dad being a NBA Hall of Famer, he’s an outstanding high school baller.

There aren’t any other deets about the show as of yet, but if Shaunie has her way, we’re sure it’ll be ready to premiere in no time.

Photos: Fresh Brewed Tees’ Twitter/TMZ

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