The New York Post has allegedly discovered the person we have to thank for Adele’s breakthrough album “21″, an eccentric 25-year old rocker named Slinky Winfield.  Although the signer has not confirmed that he was her guy “friends” close to Adele say it was well known that he was the one who broke her heart and inspired songs like “Someone Like You”.  From the Post:

Adele claims that the couple simply “grew apart,” but friends say the real catalyst was Slinky developing a relationship with Burberry model Morwenna Lytton Cobbold. “Slinky isn’t the kind of guy you can tie down,” the friend says. “It was always going to end in tears, and those tears were always going to be Adele’s.”

Despite Adele’s assertion last year that she would “do anything” to rekindle the relationship, their affair was surprisingly informal. “They never lived together, and I can’t really recall Slinky ever describing Adele as his girlfriend,” says the friend.


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