After Dwyane Wade fired off documents this week demanding full custody of his 2 sons and calling Siohvaughn Wade an “unfit mother ”, she’s responded with attacks of her own.  “

 Our client believes that these various papers were filed as retaliation for her legitimate claims filed March 19, 2010 in the Domestic Relations Court in a Petition for Order of Protection regarding the abuse by Mr. Wade dating back to 2006″

Siohvaughn’s lawyer claims chick had to get a protective order because Dwyane’s mental cruelty and abuse were too much. And the kids are supposedly very scared to be around him.  Meanwhile, D-Wade’s alleging that her religion practices are “unconventional” and he doesn’t want his kids around that ish:

Part of Dwyane Wade’s filings earlier this week include that his wife is participating in “alternative avenues of worship that are completely outside of the status quo” when it comes to how the children  

were to be raised. The filings also allege that when Dwyane Wade’s sister Tragil went to Siohvaughn Wade’s Illinois home to pick up the boys for a visit, Siohvaughn Wade and some of her friends circled her and prayed for her salvation.

“It is regrettable that this father now chooses to use mental health and religion as another means to battle and abuse the mother,” Ward said in the e-mail statement.

Dwayne also stated in the docs that Sioh’s been keeping the kids from him, and even manipulated a situation so that one son couldn’t attend Dwyane’s All-Star game this year. And I’m sure Sioh’s going to be dropping the dime in court that Dwyane’s already moved on with his live-in girlfriend Gabrielle Union despite the fact that the divorce proceedings don’t even begin until June.

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  1. In this situation I see honestly the child’s best interest is not important. B/c if it was, they wouldn’t be acting like two high school children

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