Friday night was more than a concert at the Aragon Ballroom on Chicago’s North Side for Puerto Rican rapper and reggaeton artist Daddy Yankee.

Performing Thursday night in New York, he asked his fans for disaster donations and did the same here in Chicago.

This was also an opportunity to collect donations for his hurricane ravaged home country and disaster relief abroad.

Daddy Yankee took the stage tonight with Chicago fans to the sizzling beat.

Fans dropped of tons of supplies: water, diapers, first aid kits and flashlights. All for those traumatized by one of many recent and ongoing disasters.

“I’ve been crying all day because it hurts,” said Luz Navares, who was donating supplies at the concert Friday night.

Navares was hardly alone.

“It’s just a nice feeling, doing something … for people in Puerto Rico,” said Daleris Rodriguez.

Jade Daugherty, also in attendance at the Aragon, says she can’t reach family in Puerto Rico.

“I’m Puerto Rican and I was just in Puerto Rico this summer,” she said. “It’s sad to see the island destroyed and sad for my family I haven’t been able to contact since it hit.”

For many fans at the concert, its as much about the show as it is about the good deed.

“We love Daddy Yankee, saw that he’s helping them, so we brought some stuff,” said Monica Baagna.

Daddy Yankee has already raised tens of thousands of dollars for Puerto Rico alone.

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