29-year-old R&B singer Keri Hilson, who’s currently in China touring and on Twitter early this morning she shared that fainted while on a flight.

Hilson, blames her lack of sleep for the health scare.

In a post, she writes, “Sure hope my day gets better cuz (because) this morning I’m having so far… I fainted on my flight. then I threw up. I’m fine now, I just need real rest… haven’t had more than 3.5hrs of sleep in 48hrs.”

Hilson, who is heading back to the U.S., admits she began to feel better after coming round but was so distracted by her sickness she left several personal belongings on the flight.

She adds, “I left my purse & gifts from China on the plane, discombobulated. *sigh* drinking gatorade & HOME-bound. I’m good now…”

Feel better Keri!

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