Two men have been arrested after police uncovered their plan to burgle and murder UK-born soul singer Joss Stone. Police picked up the suspects after neighbours reported seeing the men ‘acting suspiciously’ while driving around deserted country lanes in Collumpton in Devon close to Joss Stone’s home. When arrested, police found swords, rope, maps of the area, photos of Joss’ estate and a body bag.

A statment by the police said: “As a result of enquiries the two males are now being detained for the further offences of conspiracy to rob and conspiracy to murder. Major crime detectives are continuing to investigate…The two men in custody had in their possession information relating to an individual in the Cullompton area and items which lead us to suspect that they may have intended to commit a criminal offence…Police enquiries continue and the men remain in custody. We’re unable to say any more at this time but I would like to thank the local residents for reporting the suspicious car.”

“Major crime detectives are continuing to investigate,” he added.
In addition to the weapons, the men also had detailed maps and photos of Stone’s rural property with them when they were taken into custody.

No statement has been released from Joss’ camp at present but reports suggest that she was not at home when the plot was discovered.


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