Having a clothing store of your own is exciting and fun, but it can also be a challenging position to be in at times. There are a lot of options out there for consumers to choose from and more and more people are doing their shopping online.

It’s your job to grab and keep the attention of your customer’s as soon as they walk through your doors so that they ultimately choose to make a purchase from you. Fortunately, there are a couple of different ways you can increase sales at your store and help guarantee that your future will be bright.  

Be Personable & Friendly

It’s extremely important that someone at the store greets each person who walks through the door and acknowledges their presence. This will make shoppers feel valued and welcome and like you actually care about getting their business. Be helpful and offer to assist them with their shopping needs so that they can easily find what it is they’re looking for that day. Customers want to spend their money with a business that doesn’t take them for granted. Always be willing to go the extra mile for customers and show you appreciate them for taking the time to step into your store.

Perfect Your Presentation

Boost sales at your store by working on perfecting your presentation and environment of the shop itself. For example, have televisions looping video of what pieces you think would go together and make the right outfit. You can do this online using the best free slideshow maker out there to create an engaging presentation without needing any design skills. You should also consider playing upbeat music and making sure your store is always spotless.

Always be Upselling

An additional simple secret for increasing sales at your clothing store is to make sure you and your sales associates are always upselling. For instance, suggest that your shopper also check out your jeans and jewelry options if they’re interested in and going to try on one of the tops you’re selling. Offer to help them create the perfect outfit so that they have an entire ensemble to show off when they leave instead of just purchasing one item.

Learn from Your Mistakes

The best way to improve and increase your sales is to learn from your past mistakes and to do a better job going forward. Take notes about what errors you make after each interaction with a customer and then change your approach the next time around. Be willing to take calculated risks with the caveat that your new idea might possibly not work out and you may have to modify your sales methodology in the future.  


Owning a clothing store is a big responsibility and will require a lot of work on your part to be successful. These are a few simple secrets you can use to help ensure your clothing store continues to stabilize, and you sell more merchandise. What you can’t be is afraid to challenge yourself and fix what’s broken or not working.


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