Joseline Hernandez and pimp Stevie J. have been quiet for a while since the season for ‘LHHA‘ is off the air. But, Joseline did a photo shoot the other day and posted these pics on her Instagram.

The chycs body is so fab she didn’t even need clothes… lol Well, she opted to allow her main man Stevie to paint her from the neck down in silver, metallic body paint. As Joseline calls him:

“My Daddy @hitmansteviej painting me last night! MANager, Driver, Security, painter. Stebbie”

Silver Metallic 'Body Paint', Joseline Hernandez,Stevie J

Silver Metallic 'Body Paint', Joseline Hernandez,Stevie J

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  1. Right on, Joseline Hernandez, love the silver body paint. Also wanted to say, Toyiah Marquis, that gumbumper logo is bad fabulous. I’m studying graphic design and that is definitely one for my “inspiring works from others” file.

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