#Roommates, we all wanna be loved out here in these streets but we ALL know nothing good comes out of messing with someone who is in a relationship, especially if they’re married. Unfortunately, one woman in Atlanta had to learn that the hard way and now she wants the man who she thought loved her to pay up!

Sis called up to the local radio station in Atlanta and told the hosts of the “Frank & Wanda Show” that she had been seeing a well-known Atlanta executive for three years. She spilled the tea about him and his wife having some issues and how she basically took on the title as the side chick.

The Atlanta executive told the woman that he would be leaving his wife for her, and after three years of messing around, he switched up on her. He told her he wasn’t leaving his family and that he was done fooling around with her.

Sis took it to heart and decided to put him on blast on the radio because she said she’s hurt… but what did you expect?

Like Nene Leakes said, “close your legs to married men.”

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