Shocking news, the Assist. D.A., Kathy Alizade played really dirty pool, the Ferguson Grand Jury Received Outdated Unconstitutional Law in the beginning of the proceedings, and wasn’t corrected until right before it was time to make a verdict, just making things even better for officer Darren Wilson.


Just before Darren Wilson testified to the grand jury investigating his killing of Michael Brown, the assistant district attorney, Ms. Alizadeh, handling the case, said this to the grand jurors, ‘I’m going to pass out to you, you all are going to receive a copy of a statute. It is Section 543.046, and it is, it says law enforcement officers use of force in making an arrest. And it is the law on what is permissible, what force is permissible and when in making an arrest by a police officer.’ The Assistant District Attorney, Alizadeh, then handed the grand jury a copy of a 1979 Missouri law that was ruled unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court in 1985.

She was handing them something that had not been law in Missouri during her entire legal career. But it was very helpful to Officer Darren Wilson that the Assistant District Attorney handed the grand jury an old, unconstitutional law which said incorrectly that it is legal to shoot fleeing suspects simply because they are fleeing. By handing the grand jury that unconstitutional law, the Assistant District Attorney dramatically lowered the standard by which Darren Wilson could be judged. She was telling the grand jury with that document that Darren Wilson had the right, the legal right, to shoot and kill Michael Brown as soon as Michael Brown started running away from him. She was telling the grand jury that Darren Wilson didn’t have to feel his life threatened at all by Michael Brown. She was taking the hurdle that Darren Wilson had to get over in his testimony and flattening it. She was making it impossible for Darren Wilson to fail . . . .”

She used a law that’s been outdated for 30 years. She left it with them for the majority of the time, when they had a lot of time to read it and understand it, but didn’t fix it until right before the verdict was t be delivered, leaving no time for them to even figure it out for themselves, which would have been the only way they would have figured it out, because she didn’t explain it properly.

So I think they need to do something about this decision, don’t you?

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  1. Well damn. They are going to lock Officer fat head up. So he better enjoy his freedom. Because a civil investigation is on the way

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