Oh snap, it’s about to hit the fan now.  On Tuesday, Chris Brown entered rehab, reportedly to deal with his anger management issues.


It’s been questioned and suspicious as to why Chris wasn’t drug tested after Sunday’s brutal beatdown in D.C. that resulted in a questionable rehab stint.

Well some newly released police paperwork reveals that Brown mysteriously breezed past standard drug tests even though they were originally ordered AND his co-defendant, security guard Christopher Hollosy, was still forced to pee in a cup for the court.

“I don’t know why [Brown’s test was waived],” Leah Gurowitz, the Director of Governmental and Public Relations for DC Courts tells Radar. “It’s a condition of release. Sometimes it’s ordered and sometimes not. But I don’t know if they decided he didn’t need it for whatever reason.”

Sounds to me that Chris’s team talk the cops out of the test to avoid another drug incident, or that he may test positive.

Check this out, the DC Courts insider tells Radar that it involved some high-level maneuvering. “I was told that the government decided not to request drug testing” on Brown, though they did on his bodyguard, the source reveals. “You might ask the U.S. Attorney’s office why.”

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  1. This is why the boy is crazy, people like to make up conspiracy theories. His charges were reduced to a misdemeanor because there was NO brutal beat down. They are not even sure if Chris Brown initiated any contact first. There were conflicting reports, and the victim’s story and injuries didn’t match up with his statement. The police report was altered to say that Chris hit first when initially it said he didn’t. Only those charged with a felony have to pee in a cup, once his sentence was reduced he was no longer required to get a drug test. Chris’s bodyguard doesn’t have Mark Geragos as a lawyer or probably any lawyer at the time of arrest and peed before the charges were reduced. Radar is full of crap and piecing together remnants of stories. Chris can do bad all by himself without Radar’s help.

    • MrsGrapevine, I really wish that let this boy be…..I don’t think they are making it better for them, they are making it worse for him.

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