They say pop singer Rihanna was so drunk after a night of club hopping in Miami Beach that she had to be propped up and half carried to a waiting car after her last stop!   Witnesses say Rihanna was paid a substantial fee ($20,000) to make a 30-minute appearance at Mansion nightclub on S. Beach last night. “All she had to do was show her face for 30 minutes, but she couldn’t do that,” said a spy.

Rihanna showed up an hour late and was led into the club through a back alley. But once inside the club, she told friends she didn’t feel well and she was led right back out the same door. “She didn’t look so hawt,” said the spy who added that RiRi’s supposed boyfriend Matt Kemp was nowhere to be seen. “She could hardly keep her eyes open,” said the spy.       Poor baby!!!!

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