According to Radar Online, Shaunie had a plan to meet with one of Shaq’s mistresses Vanessa Lopez and convince her to go public with her affair with Shaq. She even offered her an incentive so that Vanessa will meet up with her. This all backfired when Vanessa called Shaq and informed him of Shaunie’s plan. Shaunie of course was trying to expose Shaq as an adulterer so that she would collect more money in court from their divorce. But this is where it gets interesting…

“She reached out to Vanessa last October through Shawn, who was working for the family at the time. Shawn called Vanessa and told her Shaunie wanted to meet her in the food court at her local mall in Orlando. They made plans to meet at Johnny Rockets at 2 p.m. on a Tuesday.” The source said that Shaunie offered Lopez “an incentive” to meet with her.

Vanessa decided not to meet with Shaunie and alerted Shaq. The issue is that Shaunie signed a confidentiality agreement before marrying Shaq, but confided in Shawn during this ordeal. Our messy homeboy Shawn is now writing a tell-all book and we’re sure he’s going to discuss how Shaunie tried to collaborate w/ his mistress for more $$$.

The man that was a link between Shaunie and Vanessa and the man that Shaunie confided in, is the same IT guy that is currently suing Shaq for hacking his computer and stealing evidence. His name is Shawn Darling and he is in the process of writing a tell-all book  in which he is reportedly going to expose Shaunie and her plans to set Shaq up. According to the reports, Shaunie can be in a lot of trouble because she signed a confidentiality agreement when she married Shaq so he can end up suing her back for a breach of contract.

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