Sharkeisha gained instant notoriety as millions of outraged viewers watched her vicious punch on Instagram and You Tube.


From what I can tell, the two girls’ names in the video are Sharkeisha and Shay, and if you watch the video, Shay didn’t exactly win the fight would be an understatement. She didn’t even see Sharkeisha’s iron fist coming her way until the slugger had already pelted her in the face with what seemed like brute force.

In the video, which was posted on Instagram on Nov. 26, Sharkeisha sucker punches Shay and continues to assault her viciously with a flurry of kicks — all while a heartless friend tapes the whole thing.

Although she is quickly restrained, Sharkeisha continues to verbally assault Shay. Although the motivations are unclear, the fight seems to stem from an argument over a joint love interest.

Many viewers of the video have claimed the aggressor is Sharkeisha Tyeshia Thompson, 22, of North Carolina. Sharkeisha Tyeshia Thompson has a criminal past, with several prior convictions and mugshots.

Additionally, a twitter user who is reportedly Sharkeisha Tyeshia Thompson has been tweeting about the incident:


Some took advantage of the fact that the fighter’s name is Sharkeisha, and placed pictures of sharks on top of her face and reposted the pictures to Twitter.

 Someone even made a Yu-Gi-Oh/Pokémon style card of the slugger’s attack.


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