Two weeks ago, NBA legend #ShaquilleONeal and Warriors player #JaValeMcGee concluded their everlasting beef with each other on Twitter.

During the back-and-forth, however, McGee’s teammate, #KevinDurant, attempted to stick up for him and was swiftly met with a “Mind yo business” from Shaq. The retiree’s mother asked him to grill up whatever beef he had with McGee and eat it, however, Sports Illustrated recently asked Shaq to explain why Durant wasn’t welcome in the conversation with McGee in the first place.

“KD doesn’t have G-14 Classification,” Shaq tells SI. “He can’t talk to me like that. He may think he does, and he’s sticking up for his teammate. He’s a great player, but you ain’t in the club yet.” Shaq later alluded that Durant needs to win a championship or two in order to be in “the club.” “…when a guy who hasn’t won championships makes comments, you say, ‘How do you know?’” he said.

Shaq ended his argument by saying that everyone in the NBA is too soft to take criticism these days.

“Just put it this way: The league is soft and these guys are sensitive, period. I was sensitive [as a player] too, but I never went back at [older players]. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain never said sh*t to [support] me. Did I cry about it? No. Kareem said in the paper one time, when they asked him, ‘Shaq is doing great, he has numbers similar to yours, what do you think?’ His response was, ‘Well, he hasn’t won a championship yet.’ I could have gone back at him, but I didn’t. I sucked it up like a real man and was like, ‘OK, watch this.’ A lot of these guys, these days, when you say something about them, they start whimpering and crying.”

Do y’all agree with Shaq, Roommates?!

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