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Shaq has jokes! And so does his son Shareef O’Neal. Get your laugh on inside…

Leave it to Shaquille O’Neal to serve up some social media foolery.

The NBA legend has rocked a baldie for a while, likely escaping the receding hairline jokes. But, Shaq took to his Instagram page to fully embrace his hairline…because “bald is beautiful.”

We’d like to note, he posted the crazy hairline shots after LeBron James shared a video of his newly shaved head.

 photo shaqhair2.png

The Basketball Hall of Famer said, “Damm I look good #baldisbeautiful #norigaine #nobejing #bebaldwhocares.” And he also said, “My fade is tight as hell @chuckt23 hooked it up #embraceyourbaldness”




Hilarious! Y’all know Shaq has time when it comes to clapbacks. Better watch out Shareef!

Photos: Shaq’s IG


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