I didn’t follow the NBA Lakers game thoroughly, but with the Lakers being out, rumors circulated during their losing streak that there was a rift in the team due to a Lakers wife sleeping with another teammate. The internet has been buzzin’ with who the wife could be and the two players involved and trust me this equation saw more player/wife combinations than the law allows. Finally it was revealed that newly married man Shannon Brown (R&B singer Monica’s husband) was sleeping with teammate Paul Gasol’s woman, and all this was allegedly outed by Kobe Bryant’s wife, who got into a cat fight with the alleged cheater. Well Shannon Brown took to his Twitter account to clear up the rumors and tweets, “Ok let me put a end to this right now before it goes any further. I DID NOT SLEEP WITH @paugasol woman!!! First and last time addressing it!(sic)”  Gumbumpers, my question to you is, the Lakers couldn’t have lost because the other team was just that good? It had to be some behind the scenes drama occurring that caused them to get swept? Talk to me now!

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