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We assume B.o.B.’s feelings are mad hurt based on the way he’s handling his apparent recent breakup from Sevyn Streeter. Find out how he announced the Splitsville news inside….

Welp! Doesn’t look like R&B singer Sevyn Streeter will be gushing over that eggplant that had her all goggly-eyed and all smiles during interviews. But she may be better off if this is how her ex handles ish.

It appears Sevyn and her rapper boyfriend B.o.B. have called it quits, nine months after officially confirming they were an actual couple.

As of now, there aren’t many details, but B.o.B. hasn’t wasted anytime to let everyone know he’s no longer in a relationship and is now a single man. The ATL rapper hopped on his Instagram a couple days ago posting a picture of a woman bent over that had everyone in his comments section questioning if it was Sevyn:

While he never confirmed who the female in the picture is, he made sure to let the cat out of the bag that’s he’s NEWLY single and he’s doing whatever he wants. In a few IG videos he said:

A video posted by B.o.B (@bob) on Oct 8, 2015 at 3:24pm PDT

A video posted by B.o.B (@bob) on Oct 8, 2015 at 3:25pm PDT

While talking in third person he said, “Why y’all blowing things out of proportion when Bobby Ray trying to smash? Bobby Ray is single. Bobby Ray is newly single. Hell yea, Bobby Ray would promote your jewelry line if Bobby Ray is trying to smash. But, don’t forget about the half of that deal. You still owe me some sex.”


And then there’s this…a woman who is “well known:…if you catch our drift… in Atlanta who goes by the Instagram name BRITEADY posted the above this week. She’s the one with the “jewelry line” he’ mentioned in the above video helping to promote. She posted the pic seemingly showing off a pair of her earrings with Bobby Ray in the background. Of course she deleted it, but we have the screenshot.


She knew the mess that post would stir up. She later posted to Snapchat asking folks “Can I Live?”

Following his new singledom announcement, he joined SnapChat, we assume to share how he’s now living the single life. And last night looked a little something like this:

Oh Bobby….

But it was all good about three weeks ago…

Sevyn posted the picture above last month with the caption, “Red light special fo’m….#mcm #IfYallOnlyKnew.”

Sevyn has yet to say anything about the breakup, but we’ll keep y’all posted.

That Bobby is one MESSY character.

Photos: Getty/Sevyn’s IG/B.o.B.’s SnapChat/Briteady’s IG

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