Demo Ranch is known for doing some pretty wild things with guns. From blowing up taxis to trying to paddle a kayak by shooting bullets, they’ve partaken in their fair share of antics in order to create a good video. While this experiment is a little less crazy, it still makes for a pretty cool video.

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In this video, they decide to use a Henry 45-70, which can pack a nice punch, and with an assortment of rounds, he gets right to testing it out.

Right off the bat you can tell that the extreme penetrator round has some major power, with the nice flame coming off the barrel.

The real test comes when they shoot at the body armor. The other rounds do a little damage to the armor, but the extreme penetrator does a substantial bit more damage than the others. Still, it didn’t manage to break through the armor.

A tamer Demo Ranch video, but cool none-the-less. Check it out:


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