The mission of the U.S. Navy is to maintain, train and equip combat-ready naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the seas. It is tasked with protecting and defending the right of the United States and our allies to move freely on the oceans and to protect our country against her enemies. Rooted in the colonial seafaring tradition, which produced a large community of sailors, captains, and shipbuilders, the U.S. Navy has been mandated to develop aircraft, weapons, tactics, technique, organization, and equipment of naval combat and service elements.

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There’s no doubt that the U.S. Navy has achieved these goals with flying colors. In the pursuit of fulfilling its functions comprising sea control, power projection and nuclear deterrence, in addition to “sealift” duties, America’s Navy has developed the most impressive, imposing, massive, and powerful fleet of military ships in the history of humanity, ever. This footage shows ships like the USS Zumwalt, the largest destroyer ever built for the U.S. Navy, in a meeting of the world’s largest ships. Go Navy!


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