In an interview with the Washington Examiner published on Monday, O’Grady said she took down the posts after reflecting for two to three days and realizing she didn’t want to create the impression that she wouldn’t actually perform her job and risk her life for Trump or members of his administration if called upon to do so.

“It was an internal struggle for me but as soon as I put it up, I thought it was not the sentiment that I needed to share because I care very deeply about the mission,” she told the Examiner. “I firmly believe in this job. I’m proud to do it and we serve the office of the president.”

She also told the Examiner that she have been the victim of a sexual assault while she was a college student, so she has an especially “emotional reaction” to what then candidate Trump had said on tape.

“[I] recognize that the agency is the most important thing to me. My government is the most important thing to me,” she told the Examiner. “I serve at the pleasure of the president, but I still have the First Amendment right to say things.”

O’Grady has not commented further on her social media outburst, but that hasn’t stopped many supporters of the 45th president from excoriating her on Twitter, which has prompted one unrelated New York-based professor who happens to have the same name plead for an end to the barrage:

“All Secret Service agents and employees are held to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct,” the agency has said in an official statement. “Any allegations of misconduct are taken seriously and swiftly investigated.”

This story has become yet another unflattering headline for the embattled agency, which was widely criticized for disturbing security lapses and inappropriate behavior by agents during President Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House.


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