Was the reason why Seal & Heidi Klum broke up because the former supermodel was having an affair with her bodyguard?

During a recent family getaway to Sardinia, Project Runway host Klum, 39, was spotted getting close to Kristen, wrapping her arm around his neck and touching his back. When Seal, 49, arrived at an airport in the U.S. August 31, the “Kiss From a Rose” singer — who has been memorably aggressive towards the paparazzi in 2005, 2008 and 2012 — gave an impromptu interview when TMZ asked him to comment on Klum’s rumored relationship with Kristen.

People have speculated that the breakup was because of Seal’s exploding temper.

I believe the couple separated back in January of this year and Heidi filed for a divorce in April.

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