Hundreds of police officers paid tribute to a young Pennsylvania state trooper killed in the line of duty after less than six months on the force.

At a funeral at the Blair County Convention Center, Trooper Landon Weaver, 23, was remembered as a hero and Governor Tom Wolf expressed gratitude for Weaver’s service.  

‘He joined the state police to help to make the lives of all Pennsylvanians safer, more secure, better,’ Wolf said.

‘He could have done a lot of things — he was a talented person — but he chose to serve us.’

Trooper Weaver was shot dead on December 30 by a suspected abuser as he responded to reports of a domestic dispute at a home in Hesson. 

Pennsylvania State Troopers and police officers from around the country line up for the funeral of Landon Weaver

Pennsylvania State Troopers line up outside the Blair County Convention Center in Altoona, Pennsylvania, following a memorial service

Pennsylvania State Trooper Landon E. Weaver’s casket is carried to a hearse following the memorial service

Pennsylvania State Troopers salute in unison after the service in tribute to the 23-year-old officer who was killed on duty

Pennsylvania State Trooper Landon E. Weaver who was killed in the line of duty on December 30 having been on the force for less than six months 

A motorcade with hundreds of police vehicles escorted a silver hearse carrying Weaver’s casket to a cemetery 20 miles away for the burial after the poignant service.  

Wolf said Weaver’s death ‘leaves a hole in the lives of so many people’ — including his wife, Macy, his parents, and his friends. 

Weaver graduated from Central High in Martinsburg in 2012 and attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania before starting at the state police academy about a year ago. 

He and his wife married in June, when Weaver also joined a patrol unit in Huntingdon.

Macy Weaver eulogized her husband, and top state police officials, clergy and others also spoke at the funeral.

‘Landon’s comrades in the Pennsylvania State Police lost a brother. 

‘And all of us lost a hero whose purpose was to serve us,’ Wolf said.

The memorial of Pennsylvania State Trooper Landon Weaver, who was shot dead on December 30 on a call-out 

A young boy joins police officers from around the country who gathered to pay tribute to their fallen comrade

Officers, some lowering their heads, appear solemn at the service for the slain trooper who was killed on December 30 

Pennsylvania Trooper Landon Weaver’s colleagues carry his casket, which has an American flag draped over it 

Police officers salute the hearse of Pennsylvania State Trooper Landon Weaver as it leaves a memorial service at the Blair County Convention Center in Altoona

Pittsburgh Police officers, who joined hundreds of other law enforcers, salute as the hearse containing the casket 

Dozens of officers line up outside the Blair County Convention Center in Altoona, Pennsylvania for the memorial service 

Mounted Pennsylvania State Troopers flank the entrance to the Blair County Convention Center pay their respects to the family of Huntingdon County Trooper Landon Weaver

Police said Jason Robison killed the trooper.

The slain officer’s colleagues later tracked down Robison and fatally shot him when he threatened officers and failed to follow their orders. 

Weaver was investigating whether Robison had violated the order issued in April, after the mother of his 6-year-old son told authorities Robison attacked her and said he would kill her.

A police affidavit said Robison texted his son’s mother after the shooting to say he ‘killed the cop.’ 

Robison’s mother, Sherry Robison, told investigators she saw her son pull a small black gun from his pants moments before the shooting at their home, and watched as a bleeding Weaver fell to the kitchen floor.


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