Tech News: Mike Tyson’s “Main Event” iPhone App [video]

This ISH is hilarious promo for Mike Tyson’s new iPhone app “Main Event” which is basically Mike Tyson’s Punch Out for your phone. Check it below: [youtube]

Funny Video: Lebron James Takes A Zumba Class

Miami Heat All-Star Lebron James stopped by Ellen’s show and also joined the girls for a little bit of exercise in Zumba class.  What do you think about Lebron's...

Funny Video: Chipmunk That Know’s How To Dougie?!?!

The Cleveland Show: NBA All-Star Weekend [video]

Appearances from Dwight Howard, Kevin Garnett, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash, and Shaq.

It’s Our 1 Year ANNIVERSARY!!!!!

Gumbumper would like to THANK all of our loyal readers for their support of our gossip blog!!! We will continue to provide you with the HOTTEST celeb...

Gumbumper Funniest Video: Swaggor Wagon Sienna Family Gets Crunk

This is the funniest ish. This Toyota commercial called Swagger Wagon that features the Sienna Family. Turn it up, and get your laugh on.

A Drunken Mariah… How Embarrassing?! For Who… It’s Funny To Me.

Here is the video of Mariah Carey giving a very strange speech while accepting the award for Breakthrough Actress in the movie “Precious” at the Palm Springs...

Classic…Video of forever!! Funniest issh I’ve Eva Seen!!

If you've ever seen this video YOU know that it's always been one that you could laff at over and over again... One that makes one pee...

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