Lamar && Khloe Chatter

This is surprising considering they just "tied the knot" Lamar Odom & Khloe Kardashian are covering their bases in the event that they decide to split. Included in...

Luda All Boo’d Up && Whatnot

Hmm...she's pretty. I don't think we've ever seen him "with" anyone. Although I do recall hearing something about him && LeToya Luckett awhile back. But I digress....

Rihanna Has A New Umbrella Holder

Chris who?? Get it girl. He's a cutie.

Ummm…Tiger….What Are You Tryna Accomplish?

Never before seen huh?? Well y'all could've kept this ish hidden then. But y'all know y'all just took these damn pictures...tryna make him a sex symbol. Hmm...  No matter...

Guess What?!? Freaknik Is Back!

Well, sort of. Word on the street is that Lil Wayne && T-Pain are planning to revive the festivities. Don’t fret, the traffic won’t get outta hand...

Chris Brown says… “I’m Not Happy About My Vibe Mag Cover”

Listen to the interview here: Chris Brown speaking out on Vibe Magazine.

Usher Ft. Nikki Minaj “Lil Freak”

All I can say is wow... Nikki is going IN and I mean Reeeeeeeeeally going in!!

He Freed Himself && Went Back Home

We hear that Antwaun Cook done wised up && went back home to the wife && kids. He must've realized that the American Idol money is gone. Long...

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