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Another day, another black man downing black women! Nipsey Hussle is receiving backlash after he agreed to a comment that said “black women are a disgrace to the black community.” He seemingly agreed and laughed, now he’s backpedaling. Deets inside…..

West coast rapper Nipsey Hussle (who’s currently dating actress Lauren London) has Twitter in a frenzy today. Why? Well…let’s find out.

A fan posted a comment on Twitter recently that read (their spelling, not ours),”BLACC FEMALES R A DISGRACE TO BLACC CULTURE.”

We assume Nipsey follows this person since the fan did not add Nipsey’s Twitter handle to the tweet. But, once he saw the comment, he felt the need to respond and his response…well…read it for yourself:

He said, “I can’t retweet that but LMAO TRU sh*t.”

Wait what? Is this yet another example of a man with a platform blatantly disrespecting black women? A BLACK man at that? And to add insult to injury, a man whose mother is black? As if black women don’t already go through enough scrutiny and abuse on a daily (i.e. Sandra Bland), we certainly don’t need someone from our own community putting us down.

Not to mention…

His girlfriend is half black.

Twitter went IN on Nipsey, calling him a disgrace, calling his mother a disgrace and the list goes on and on. Now, dude is backpedaling and offering up an apology to the black women he offended. He claims it was just a joke taken out of context. Hmph.

Peep his apology (read from the bottom up):


Photo: Getty/Nipsey’s IG

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